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What is NXZSound?

Forgoten Arts

       Since the inception of the music business, Financial literacy has been an unmastered skill by artists in the music industry. NXZSound is set on making financial literacy the foundation of the new music generation.  Song Splits, Streaming Royalties, Mechanical Royalties, Music Licensing, Publishing, ect. seem to be lost arts regarding the financial intelect of todays recording artists.  Business establishments like DBAs, LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps, EINs, Trademarks ect. seem to also be foreign to most musical creatives.

What Is NXZSound?

       NXZSound is a Music Finance Company. NXZSound acquires music catalog owners who need capital, and issues company financing in exchange for ownership of intellectual property.  NXZSound is making musical intellectual properties the new digital real estate. Taking a Fintech approach NXZSound looks to bridge the gap between finance and the music entertainment industry.

Our Goal!

       Our goal is to provide a financial literacy driven option that empowers its partners and clients with the financial knowledge they need to not only be succesful in music but also in everyday life.

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