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Is Not Enough.

Successful Artists need Innovative Music Production, Branding, Financing, Marketing, Radio, Publishing, Licensing, and more.

NXZSound Stats

Numbers May Have Increased Recently.

1.6M+ Youtube Views 93%
1.1M+ Instagram Views 89%
1M+ Soundcloud Plays 81%
458K+ Spotify Streams 76%
2X iTunes Charting 64%



Distribute & Monetize Your Music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube Music, Facebook and many more outlets.

  • Instant Payouts via Paypal
  • Real Time Stats
  • Daily Trends



Advertise Your Music via Hulu, Spectrum TV, Spotify, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud and Facebook.


FM Radio

Get Your Music in Rotation on FM Broadcast Radio, Digital Radio, and Stores like Walmart, Bestbuy, H&M, Forever 21, Major Malls, etc.



Get Your Music Synced in movies, TV Shows, Games, Commercials, & Social Advertisements.



Distribute News via ABC, NBC, FOX, Telemundo, Yahoo News, Google News, Associated Press, and Radio Station News Feeds.



Get Financed up to $25K via NXZSound+ and Fund Your Music Career.

  • We BRAND You.
  • We PUSH You.
  • We PAY For It.


Do It Yourself

Access NXZsound Services, And Get What You Need When Your Need It.


Do It Together

Strategically Plan The Rollout For Your Next Release With NXZSound.

Choose Your

DIY Do It Yourself
  • Get Label Services
  • nSDR Access
DIT Do It Together
  • Get Label Services
  • NSDR Access
  • Assigned Digital A&R
  • 1 on 1 Consultation
  • Rollout Plans


Get what you need when you need it. Access label services and “Pay As You Go”.  Label services include the following promotion outlets: Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Instagram, FM, Online, & Retail Radio, National Press, etc..

NSDR is a knowledgebase of How to Tips, vaulable music business secrets, and industry information for music professionals and creatives.

Assigned NXZSound A&Rs assist you with music creation, curation, rollout preparation and execution of campaings coodinated through NXZSound.

1 on 1 Consultations via phone / video call with NXZSound representatives are mandatory for DIT Creatives. This process is essential to the evaluation of your brand, future goals, campaign preperation, and execution. 

A Rollout Plan is a specific Brand Marketing Plan created to manage budget and strategically promote and market your brand and upcoming Single, EP, or Album.


For Creatives By Creatives