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       Many music technology platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal have made their billion dollar fortunes on distributing music, from music libraries stemming from: Record Labels, Publishing Companies, Licensing Companies like: Kobalt, Universal Music Publishing, Sony ATV, Warner Music Chappel, ect. which all gather their libraries from the “PRODUCER”. Hence without the music producer all of these business models would cease to exist, as the origin in which they gather their product would not be available.

       Music Producers have always been the forefront of the music industry by crafting the sounds and lyrics we all love. Today, music tech startup Track Killers, “The World’s First Digital Production Label” is the game changer, innovating the foundation of the music production company role. 

       Track Killers is adopting the format of monetizing its library access similar to how technology platforms Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, monetize their content. As a Digital Music Production company, the direct to consumer model can and has been lucrative regarding creative consumer services, and SAAS like platforms.  Track Killers believes by merging technology, and financial intellect into a consumer driven product, The music production company role will evolve, and a new world will awaken.  

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