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How Spotify Playlists Work?

       Spotify simply works on a data driven recommendation engine. Basially, word of machine, the robot version of word of mouth. When other people engage with you music by liking, pre-saving, adding to playlists, and streaming your music Over and OVER and OVER AGAIN, the spotify algorithmic aka word of machine mouth starts to recommend your music to more people. Its just that simple.

How To Trigger the Algorithm

       Use Facebook and Instagram ads to build a target audience, get pre-saves and increase awareness. If your music is good, people will quickly save your music by liking it or adding it to a playlist. When these actions happen over and over its triggers the Spotify Algorithmic Playlists. When you do good on “Algorithmic Playlists” then Spotify Curators can easily find you now that you are in a plain line of sight, which is key to getting added to editorial playlists.

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