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Frequently Asked Question

What Exactly Is


NXZSound is a FinTech Music Publishing Company that finances Music Creatives. 

  1. We are creatives helping creatives!
  2. We want to empower music creatives everywhere with financial literacy, to make more strategic music business career decisions.
  3. We want to make a better mutually beneficial music industry.

Intellectual Property Ownership, and equity partnerships.

Intellectual property includes passive equity tools like streaming royalties, music publishing, sync licensing rights, ect.

What Is An


Music credit Score (MCS) is the FICO Credit for music creatives.

The MCS is constructed using 3 elements otherwise know as the “SEM” System.

  • SMCS = Streaming
  • EMCS = Engagement
  • MMCS = Monetization

It can help you access CASH distributed via NXZSound VISA card, Exclusive Music Production, Exclusive Sample Library Access, Corporate Awareness, Social Branding, ect.

Currently at the moment we do NOT check or need to check FICO Scores for our business model.

This is a strong possibility as we scale and grow. Traditional finance options for creatives would be an progressive step into normalizing traditional bank financing for music creatives abroad. NXZSound plans to reach into every possible available corner of the earth to make the music industry better

What Is An


A Secured Record Deal (SRD) is the equivalent to a “Secured Credit Card”. You use your “Funds” as “Start Up Capital” and we assign you a dedicated staff of Avengers that makes things happen.

A Secured Record Deal (SRD) are for independent artist or company owners who, have their own funding, wish to stay independent, and function like a major label.

Secured Record Deals (SRDs) will help you build your Music Credit Score (MCS), and establish your overall music career execution. With SRDs we assign a NXZSound Financial Liaison, and Creative Director to navigate you through consistent results and ultimately to success.

You must APPLY for NXZSound and have an allocated operations budget minimum of $25K USD.